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Our Aadya Masala

Products You Will Love

Chicken Masala

Al Chicken Masala is our complete in house production...

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Garam Masala

Al Garam Masala has been the Flavour Catalyst for all the Masalas and your food.

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Turmeric Powder

Raw Haldi comes from the Bowl of India, M.P. It is considered to be best in Colour, Aroma.

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Mutton Masala

Al Mutton Masala is one of our best products.

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Sabji Masala

Al Sabji Masala is known as King of all Masalas.

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Machli Masala

Al Machli Masala, inspired by our cosmopolitan Jamshedpurian Culture

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Cumin Powder

The cumin commonly known as Jeera, comes from Gujrat, the biggest Jeera producers in India.

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Jhal Mircha

The real Hot Al Jhal Mirch will burn your tongue without fire.

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